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Mother's Family
William Jefferson Canady and Sallie Elizabeth Damron.
Orval Thomas, William Ivy, Laura Emily, Newton Campbell, Vernon O.,  Lynn Carl, Annie Lee, and Maudie Alice Ruth
Most of the older photographs had belonged to Mother's other Lizzie.

Maudie's baby pic
Mother, Maudie Alice Ruth Canady Chaney. c1911.

Mom & Snooky c1923
Maudie Ruth Canady with her little sister Annie Lee Canady. c1923-1924.

1924 trip to Brown Co.
In 1924, the Canady family traveled by Model T Ford to Brown County to visit Lizzie's family.
One of her sisters was quite ill.  This photo was taken at the home of her parents near Turkey Peak.
The back row, l. to r., is Maudie Ruth Canady, Leonard O. Crook, Laura Emily Canady Crook and Quinby Childers.'
Annie Lee Canady is in the front row far right.

Mother with siblings 1956
Mother with siblings, Lynn Carl Canady, Annie Lee Canady Baum and Laura Emily Canady Crook. 1956.

Jeff Canady
William Jefferson "Jeff" Canady, Mother's dad.

Thomas Jefferson "Tom" Canady, my maternal great grandfather.

Orval uniform
Orval Thomas Canady. c1918-1919.

Orval and Ivy
Orval Thomas Canady and William Ivy Canady with friends Micahel Pond and Sid Watkins at the rear.

Pearl and Orval
Essie Pearl Carlile and Orval Thomas Canady.

Newton Campbell Canady c1919
Newton Campbell Canady. c1919.

Laura Emily Canady Crook.
She was often called "Sis" or "Johnnie."

Leonard Owen Crook, Laura Emily's husband.

Johnnie early
Laura Emily Canady Crook.
She was often called "Sis" or "Johnnie."

Jerome Canady, son of Orval and Essie Pearl Canady

Leo 1945
Leo Thomas Baum Husband of Annie Lee Canady.
c1945 at a Canady Reunion in Marlin, Texas.

Lynn Maude c1945
Lynn Carl Canady and Willie Maude James Canady.
c1945 at a Canady Reunion in Marlin, Texas.

Virginia Brightwell Baum, Uncle Leo's mother, was part of our family circle:  the Baums, the Crooks and Chaneys.
She was called "Miss Jennie" or, frequently, simply "Mom."

Annelle c47
Annelle c47 col
Annelle Baum all dressed up for her piano recital at Cross Plains Elementary School. c1947.

Maude James Canady
Willie Maude James, future wife of Lynn Carl Canady. c1928.
Photograph from Jackanell Canady Murray.
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