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Jim Barrett's Family Photos

From photographs once in the possession of paternal grandmothers Edith (Tarr) Barrett

She had saved many picture postcards and some photographs in post card albums that she put together from about 1903 while still living in England.
She moved to Canada then on to Chicago, Illinois, in the early 1910s.
  She continued adding items for several years.

Tarr at manor
My friend Jim’s great grandfather, George Tarr,
is standing just right of center, holding the potted shrub.

George Tarr (1823-1917) was a gardener at Rhyll Manor near, East Anstey, Devon, England,
when this photograph of the staff was taken on the manor grounds.  Note that each man is holding something indicating his trade.

This is the building that the crew was standing in front of as it is today.

Harriet Lake
Harriet Lake Tarr. 1893.
Jim's great grandmother.

Bertie Tarr
William Albert "Bertie" Tarr. c1895.
Jim's great uncle.

Jim's grandmother's brother deaf but was apparently quite outgoing and well known in his community.  He wrote many picture postcards that were saved in post card albums maintained by his sister Edie Tarr Barrett from c1906-1924.

He was killed in a heroic action of attempting to save a mother and child from being struck by a locomotive.

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Lionel at Chapel
Eastcombe Baptist Chapel

Eastcombe, Gloucestershire, Great Britain
Probably Hubert Blake on the left and Lionel Barrett on the right. 
They were 1st cousins and raised together in the nearby village of Bussage.

Chapel 2010
Eastcombe Baptist Church in 2010.

Lionel Barrett
Lionel Barrett.
Jim's paternal grandfather

James Lake
James Lake, Jr.  1821-1892.
Jim's great-great grandfather.

Fanny Edworthy Lake
Fanny Edworthy Lake.  1822-1903.
Jim's great-great grandmother.

Most of the following are Jim's relatives

Frederick John Lake
Frederick John Lake.  1845-1904.

John T M Mitchell
John Thomas Matthews Mitchell.  1866-1946.

John TM Mitchell in uniform
John Thomas Matthews Mitchell.  1866-1946.
He worked for the Great Western Railway retiring after 50 years service.

Fred Mitchell cowboy
Frederick James Mitchell.  1889-1960.

Mitchell Fred uniform
Frederick James Mitchell in Canadian Army Sapper uniform.  1889-1960.
"A sapper, also called pioneer or combat engineer, is a combatant or soldier who performs a variety of military engineering duties such as bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields, demolitions, field defences and general construction, as well as road and airfield construction and repair."  ---

unidentified couple with dog
Connie with husband and dog.  The uniform is early 20th century Canadian.
Picture postcard labeled "Connie" who was a friend of Harriett Lake Tarr.  Postmark:  26 August 1915.

Warren Frederick
Frederick Charles Warren c1909

Sidney John Tarr uniform
Sidney John Tarr
Note:  The uniform color is a guess. The proper color has yet to be determined.

Jim 1942
Jim.  Chicago.  c1942.

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