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Miscellaneous projects

Belton, Texas

Central MainNW
Main and Central intersection, northwest corner.  Early 1900s.
Photo:  Belton Police Department.
(The color of the streetcar is just a guess.)

See it today on Google Maps Street View

Farmers Bank
Farmers National Bank. c1940.
In the late 1940s and into the 1950s this was the First National Bank where Dad did some business.
Photo:  Belton Police Department.
See it today on Google Maps Street View

Belton No. Main c1946
Belton, 1946.
Looking south down North Main street.  The church to the left is now gone.
The Sinclair gas station (left) and the tan building behind it was the Belton Library but now house the Bell County Museum.
The Mobilgas station is no longer.  The Greyhound bus station was just beyond the Mobilgas sign.  The Post Office was behind that.
The courthouse "bell tower" in the center was  demolished c1949-50 but has been replaced with a near replica.
A Mobil gas station was to the right as indicated by the sign.  Our family used it for several years.

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vet reunion 1873
A  reunion of veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto in Belton, 1883.
The row of buildings occupied the west side of courthouse square on Main Street.
This view is lookiing over what is now the northwest corner of the courthouse square.

Click here to see the present day site on Google Maps

Wilson Feed Mill
Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Wilson Mill
Wilson Mill on Canal Road in Cleveland, Ohio.
Photograph provided by Gary Swilik.


Impala shoiw car
The Chevrolet Impala GM Motorama show car at the 1956 Texas State Fair. Snapshot by me.

My 1963 Studebaker Avanti.  Snapshot by me.

ox team
An ox team on Lorain Avenue, just west of the Trisket Road intersection.  1920s.
At the time this was in West Park, Ohio.  In the 1920s it was annexed by Cleveland.

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young bill
My good friend Bill in his youth.

Movie Related Images

Anna Karenina-Garbo

Still from ANNA KARENIA (1935).  Greta Garbo and Frederick March.
The original photograph source is The Red List.Society

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