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John Canady of GA & AL

William Jefferson Canady  of TX

Pedigree charts for William Jefferson Canady

Images of Registry pages of one of Jeff's Bibles

Thomas Jefferson Canady of AL & TX
Jones Prairie, Texas, the Jeff Canady family home area
Little River Church & cemetery,  Jones Prairie, TX

Stories of William Fontaine Canady - 1990


James Thomas Damron of TX

John Henry Damron of MO & TX

Captain John Damron of VA, TN & IL

Lawrence Dameron the first in America

Moses Damron of Russell Co., VA

John King Fisher, south Texas gunslinger & lawman

Dameron-Damron Family Association


Noble Ladd (c1718-1782) Family Group

Noble Ladd (c1718-1782) Will. 1782

Other lines

William R. Saye & Betsy Jane Mitchell of MO & TX

Samuel Kirkpatrick & Mary (--?--) of MD & GA

George Washington Kyser of SC & AL

George Phillip Kyser

Jacob Hoosang of The Palatinate & PA

The Melugin Family of America

The home of Pettigrew ancestors in Ireland


Sallie E. Damron & Wm. Jefferson Canady (collage)

Maudie Ruth Canady, siblings & parents

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Updated 15 February 2016
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