Chaney Families of  Northwest Arkansas

A genealogical page about Chaneys of Carroll Co., Arkansas

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When I began my research into my Chaney lineage it seemed that my group were closely associated with the other Chaney group that lived in Carroll County, Arkansas.   Those Chaneys were descendants of Thomas, above.  I began with that assumption of kinship.  As, time passed, I came to question this.  There was no sharing of names.  My group used names that appeared to be related to a group that was in Wythe County, Virginia, in the early 1800s:  Hezekiah, Hosea and Archibald being the most obvious.  My research slowly began to peel back the mystery.  Then DNA tests revealed that I shared DNA with descendants of Richard Cheyney who came from England to settle in Maryland in the mid-1600s.

There are at least two Chaney lines that lived in Carroll County, Arkansas:  Many descendants moved to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, California and other states.

Most are descendants of Francis and Sarah (Aurich) Chaney who lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Francis was born c1717, died after 1804. These are those whose lineage goes back to William and Sarah (Scott) Chaney who were married in Wayne County, Kentucky.

Francis Chaney & Sarah Aurick family of Randolph County, North Carolina

William & Sarah (Scott) Chaney family of Carroll Co., & Montgomery Co., AR

Waid Hampton Chaney & Granville Hawkins Chaney, of Carroll Co., AR

A smaller Chaney group includes four brothers whose line shows that the family had lived in Indiana c1830 then in Missouri c1840.  When they arrived in Carroll County they were apparently recognized as relatives by the large group of Chaneys in Carroll County although this was apparently only because the groups shared the same surname.
The Four Chaney brothers of Carroll Co., AR

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Charles C. Chaney, a descendant of Hezekiah, one of "the four Chaney brothers."

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