Francis Chaney
of Randolph County, North Carolina

circa 1717 - after 1804

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Francis CHANEY, Sr. [II].1

It is thought that Francis was born in Virginia. He first appears in 1759 in the record of Lord Granville granting James Chaney some land in Orange [now, Randolph] Co., NC. He, in 1762, was also granted land. (The Randolph County, North Carolina, Deed Book 8, p368, records that the Earl of Granville, K.G., granted 400 acres of Orange County to Francis Chaney on 39 June 1762. The land was on the Richland Creek of the waters of Deep River.) Tax lists record him and Francis, Jr., a son who would move to Kentucky then Tennessee. Also, there is John Chaney, another son. His daughter, Margaret, married into the Allred family. In 1804, Francis was deeding land to her, her son (Jonathan Allred) and to John Chaney. This appears to indicate that he might have been reaching the end of his active life and was passing his property to his heirs before he died. However, this is only speculation.
The number of children he and Sarah had is uncertain although the twenty year difference between John and Margaret suggests that several more children were probably born. ---Jesse Gerald Chaney, Sr.

Several records have been located which seem to locate this Francis Chaney in North Carolina although earlier records indicate that he was possibly born about 1700 in New Kent Co., Virginia. However, this preparer feels that that Francis Chaney is too old. (Most ot the content of the following is quoted from the correspondence of Jesse Gerald Chaney.) Note that although the records are of Randolph County, when the transactions were recorded, the area was then part of Orange County.
Randolph County, NC, Deed Book 8, page 368: A grant of 400 acres from the Earl of Granville, K.G., to Francis Chaney of Orange County, in the Province of North Carolina, on Richland Creek of the Waters of Deep River, 30 June, 1762.

In the same Deed Book 8, page 232: Francis Chaney, for love and affection to his daughter, Margaret Allred, one hundred Acres, 26 April, 1801. (John Chaney, in his application for a Revolutionary War pension, named his sister, Margaret Allred.)

On the same page 232: Francis Chaney, for love and goodwill, to his grandson Jonathan Allred, one hundred acres on the Weste End of his land on one fork of Richland Creek 26 April 1801.

On page 431: Francis Chaney, for love and goodwill, to Margaret Alred, his daughter, one hundred acres lying on the waters of Richland Creek as well more fully appear by applying the old original deed given to said Francis Chaney by the Earl of Granville, 2 October, 1804.

On pages 500 and 501: Francis Chaney Sr., Francis Chaney Jr., Michael Harvey Sr., Margaret Alred, and Margarett Stillwell to John Chaney, for one hundred pounds, one hundred acres on the waters of Richland Creek, 27 September 1804. (This John Chaney is certainl the son of Francis Chaney, Sr., who, in an application for a Revolutionary War pension in 1833 in Greene Co., IN, reported that his father was Francis Chaney and his sister was Margaret Allred.)
These documents seem to indicate that Francis Chaney (Sr.) was dispensing his property. This suggests that he was considering his death. Whether he was ill or aged is not clear. No record of his death, nor any other transactions nor legal records, have been found after this year, 1804. ---Jesse Gerald Chaney, Sr. & Charles C. Chaney.

Birth: cir __ ___ 1717 2
Death: aft __ ___ 1804 Randolph Co., North Carolina.3
Marriage: __ ___ ____ 4
Burial: __ ___ ____
Father: Francis CHENEY [I] (1692- )
Birth: cir __ ___ 1719 6
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

Six Children:

1/F Margaret CHANEY.7
There is some confusion about when she was born. Records exist recording that Francis deeded property to his grandson, Margaret's son, Jonathan, in 1801. Jonathan must have been an adult when the land was deeded. His reported year of birth, 1774, is probably relatively accurate. This preparer, based upon what few actual records he is aware of, thinks that she was possibly born five to ten years later than c1739. Her brother, John Chaney, was born about 1760 and possibly a year or two later according to his declaration of Revolutionary War service in his application for a pension. The verifiable dates of reported events in his declaration are quite accurate. If the date of her birth is c1839, she would be twenty or more years older than her brother John.

She is known to be living in 1804 when she is reported in a land transaction along with her brother John Chaney and son, Jonathan Allred.

Randolph Co., NC, Deed Book 8, page 232, records that on 26 April 1804 Francis "Cheney" deeded lands adjacent to that of his grandson, Jonathan Allred, to his daughter, "Margrit" Allred of Randolph County. Thus she certainly lived until 1804. ---- Dina D6C. Carson.

Birth: cir __ ___ 1739 Randolph Co., North Carolina.8,9
Marriage: cir __ ___ 1761 John ALLRED Jr. (1725-1792). Randolph Co., North Carolina.10,11
Death: aft __ ___ 1804 Randolph Co., North Carolina.12
Burial: __ ___ ____
2/F Elizabeth CHANEY13
Birth: cir __ ___ 1740 14
Marriage: __ ___ ____ Michael HARVEY Jr.15
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____
3/M Francis CHANEY Jr. [III].16,17
Francis began his family in Randolph County, North Carolina, where he lived near his father, brother John and sister Margaret Allred. He apparently moved to Kentucky where he is listed in the 1800 Census of Cumberland Co., KY. In 1804, a list of delinquent taxpayers of Wayne County, Kentucky, reported that he then lived in Tennessee. His name appears on an Overton County, Tennessee, petition in 1813 and again in the 1820 Census of that county. His son, William, lived in the area. Francis Chaney, Jr.'s, name appears on a list of jurors on 30 August 1820 but this is most certainly his son of the same name. ---Jesse Gerald Chaney, Sr.
Birth: cir __ ___ 1760 Randolph Co., North Carolina.18
Death: cir __ ___ 1825 Overton Co., Tennessee.19
Marriage: __ ___ ____ Mary ____ (1755-1832)20
Burial: __ ___ ____
4/M Frederick CHANEY.
Randolph County, North Carolina, records show that on 1 May 1787 Frederick Chaney sued Jesse Stroud. In 1789, Francis Chaney sued Abraham Stroud. This suggests a relationship between the two Chaneys which could mean that Frederick was a son of Francis. Frederick is being tentatively recorded here as Francis' son until further research a can be done.
Birth: __ ___ ____
Marriage? __ ___ ____
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____
5/M John CHANEY.21,22
He was born in a part of Orange County, North Carolina, which, in 1770, became part of Guilford County then, in 1779, became Randolph County. When he was seventeen or eighteen, he moved to South Carolina to live with a cousin, John Chaney, in 96 District. This John was the son of James Chaney who was apparently the brother of Francis Chaney.
In 1780-81, while living near Cooksville (or Cooks Mills), he volunteered in the State Troops and as a cavalry private under Captains Rose and James Lapham in Col. William Middleton's regiment of dragoons. He was in engagements at Monck's Corners and Juniper Springs near West Old Fields in which he received three sword wounds. He served one year in this enlistment. He was discharged but immediately re-enlisted without leaving camp. He served four months under Col. William Washington and fought in the battles of Eutah Springs and at the Potato Patch. He was with Washington's Cavalry at the right rear of the American forces and saw little action although Washington was captured and his officers and men scattered. Following that defeat at Eutaw Springs, no officers remained and his horse had been stolen. He became very ill and spent about three weeks at Col. Middleton's house. John, although still very weak, asked permission to return to the State Troops. Following a hazardous trek, he reached the Troops on the Congaree River in a state of near collapse. He was ill a further month. As far as John knew, Washington's Troop was never collected nor reorganized after Eutaw Springs. He was very ill and had served four months. Some the officers, and his friends, advised that he should quit service and go home. He returned to Randolph County, North Carolina, where he again enlisted and served three months as a private in Capt. John Rain's company of Rangers, Col. Doughan's regiment.

Following the Revolution, he lived in Randolph County on Deep River for about five years before he married. After fifteen years of marriage he moved his family to a place on the Holston River in Grainger County, Tennessee, where they stayed eleven years. He then moved to Overton County, Tennessee, where his brother Francis Chaney had settled. After twelve years he moved to Harrison County, Indiana, where he lived for a year before spending a winter in Monroe County, Indiana. He then settled in adjacent Greene County, Indiana, where he apparently remained until his death in 1845. ---Declaration for Revolutionary War Pension, John Chaney #S32177.
Birth: cir __ ___ 1757 Orange Co., North Carolina.23
Marriage: cir __ ___ 1786 ____ ____ ( -1833). Randolph Co., North Carolina.24
Death: 12 Sep 1845 Greene Co., Indiana.25
Burial: aft 12 Sep 1845 near Doley's Mill, Worthington, Greene Co., Indiana.26
6/M Robert CHANEY27
Birth: __ ___ ____
Marriage? __ ___ ____
Death: __ ___ ____ Drowned at an early age.28
Burial: __ ___ ____

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