The four Chaney brothers & sister
of Carroll County, Arkansas
 Robert (Bob), Hosea (Hosie), Hezekiah (Kye) & Ninevah (Bud)
 and a sister Zuritha
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Further information
a general overview

The brothers
& sister:
Robert E. Chaney
Hosea Chaney

Hezekiah Chaney

 Ninevah Chaney

Zuritha Chaney

a niece

Sarah Jane Clark
(Sarah J. Clark Cross)

Carroll Co., AR, Census
 1860     1870

Chaney graves at Rule Cemetery. of Carroll Co., AR

Chaney Families of Northwest Arkansas

Carroll County Historical and Genealogical Society

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Four Chaney brothers and their mother are known to have lived in Carroll County, Arkansas, from the mid-1800s.  They appear in 1860 and 1870 census records of Carroll County, Arkansas.  (The family has yet to be found in the 1850 census.) Their father does not appear in any associated records and has not been identified although one family researcher reported that his father, Marvel Stone Chaney, told him that his name was Robert, the same as his own father.  However, this was from a single source. Research found not a single trace of evidence of a Robert Chaney to support this.

The same source also reported that there was a sister, Jane, although this has proven also to be an error.  She was referred to as "Aunt Jane" who married Bill Cross although it turned out that she was an older cousin.  She was Sarah Jane Clark, a daughter of Zuritha Chaney who married Elisha Price Clark.  Zuritha was a sister of the brothers thus Sarah Jane would have been their niece.  Hosea Chaney appeared in the 1840 census of Newton County, Missouri, while Elisha Price Clark's household was only two or three households away.  This Hosea was a son of Hezekiah Chaney of Wythe County, Virginia. The two eldest brothers were reported in later census records to have been born in Indiana (c1825 & c1830).  The 1830 census of Sullivan County, Indiana, shows "Hosea Chana/Channa" (slightly difficult to read clearly).

Hosea Chaney 1830 IN census

This Hosea Chaney was the father of Zuritha and the brothers.

The family has not been located in the 1850 census. Family tradition is that the family group, the father and the four sons went to Bell County, Texas, in the late 1840s but returned to Carroll County, Arkansas in 1850.  It is possible that they were simply missed because they were relocating at the time.

In the Carroll County, Arkansas, tax records of 1852, there appears Hosie Chaney.  This is most likely the father.  At this time the two older sons, Robert and Hosea, were married.  The brothers tended to have residences close to one another thus he still would be the patriarch of the family group.

There mother was listed with Robert in the 1860 census and with Hezekiah in 1870.  It is not know when she died or where was buried.  This is true also of Hosea, the elder.

NOTE:  DNA testing has provided evidence that the line goes back to Richard Cheyney who came from England and settled in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in the mid-1600s.  There is still research to be done and further documentation to be found but the line appears to have been identified!

Research has now identified the father of the four brothers was Hosea Chaney son of Hezekiah Chaney who died in Wythe County, Virginia, in 1813.  It is interesting to note that one of this Hosea's sisters, Betsy, appears to have married Jeremiah Stone, Jr.  They had a son named Marvel Stone, a name given to one of Hosea's grandsons.

There is a record of a Hosea Chaney marrying Sarah Golden or Golding in Surry County, North Carolina, in 1817.  It is interesting that one of Hosea's son, Robert, named a daughter Pearl Golden Chaney.

The Parents
Hosea Chaney    &    Sarah A. Golden/Golding
              Death: after 1840                         Birth: c __ ___ 1795 NC.
                                                                   Death: after 1870 AR?

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