Claude Chaney
Family Snapshots

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    Claude  in his teens.  In the left hand photo he was fifteen.

1928 date    1928 plane
   Left: Claude, about age 14, with a date on the bridge over the Leon River between Temple and Belton, Texas.
    Right: (L to R) Claude's date, Claude, Irene, Irene's date - at the Temple, Texas, airport.
Claude's parents, his Reed grandparents, and his great grandmother Springfield
Bud and Cora     Ora and Cora Reed 
Left:  Claude's parents - Harrison Kye "Bud" and Cora (Reed) Chaney. 1934.
Right:  Ora and Cora Reed, fraternal twins.  Right:  Cora Reed as a teenager.

Cora as teen    Cora 1960s
   Left:  Cora Reed as a teenager                                     Right:  Cora Reed Chaney, 1960's.

 AJ & Elizabeth Reed    Emaline Rollins Springfield Johnson
Left:  Cora's parents - Andrew Jackson and Dorcas Elizabeth (Springfield) Reed.
Right:  Dorcas Elizabeth's mother - Emaline Rollins Springfield Johnson.

Some Chaney family pictures
(The family of Bud and Cora Chaney)

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