Charles Claude Chaney's
Paternal Lineage Page
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Hezekiah Chaney, Wythe Co., VA

The Four Chaney brothers of Carroll Co., AR

Hosea Chaney, Wythe Co., VA, Indiana, Missouri...

Hezekiah Chaney of Carroll Co., AR, & McLennan Co., TX

Harrison Kye Chaney family group

 My Search for Father of the Four Chaney brothers
of Carroll Co., AR

Chaney families of Northwest Arkansas (unrelated)

A History of the Chaney Name and a Coat of Arms


Joseph Reed & Elvira Perkins

Andrew Jackson Reed & Dorcas Elizabeth Springfield

Cora Reed Chaney  (photo collage)


Ephraim Goad & Susannah Jester


Aaron Springfield & Emaline Rollins of GA

Hugh Springfield  1797-1849


Laodicea "Dicey" Langston


Pictures of Claude Chaney & some ancestors

Some Chaney family pictures

Pictures on the farms at Cross Plain


Rule Cemetery, Carroll Co., AR  - Chaney family

Rule Cemetery, Carroll Co., AR - more Chaney family

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Updated 13 August 2014

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