Hugh Springfield, Sr.
Son of Thomas Springfield & Laodicea Langston
Family Group
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Hugh Springfield Sr.

Birth:    19 Nov 1797    Greenville County, South Carolina.
Marriage:    28 Feb 1818    Jackson County, Georgia (The marriage was conducted by Thos. Johnson, M.G. of the Baptist Church).
Death:    15 Apr 1849    Whitfield County, Georgia.
Father:     Thomas Springfield Jr. (b. 15 Jul 1766, d. 21 Mar 1845)
Mother:    Laodicea "Dicey" Langston (b. 14 May 1766, d. 23 May 1837)

Martha Ann Springfield

Birth:    __ ___ 1799    Georgia.   (She has also been recorded as Martha E. Springfield.)
Father:     Aaron Springfield (b. 1761,          )
Mother:    Elizabeth Potts


F    Emaline Springfield
Birth:    circa __ ___ 1819

M    Aaron Springfield
Birth:    circa __ ___ 1820    Jackson County, Georgia.
Marriage:     12 Aug 1840    Emaline Rollins (b. 17 Jan 1824, d. 7 Jul 1908), daughter of George Rollins and Elizabeth Arnold; Murray County, Georgia (The marriage was performed by John Lemming, Justice of the Peace).
Dau:    circa __ ___ 1842    Martha A. Springfield; Georgia.
Dau:    circa __ ___ 1845    Harriet A. Springfield; Georgia.
Death:    before 19 Oct 1847    Murray County, Georgia.
Burial:    __ ___ ____    Wilbanks-Reed Cemetery on Old Federal Road, Chatsworth, Murray County, Georgia
(Family tradition holds that he was buried in the Wilbanks-Reed Cemetery on Old Federal Road near Chatfield, Georgia.  Although there is no marker for his grave, a tradition is that a large cedar tree grows from his grave.  There is indeed a cedar tree growing apparently from a grave along side other family members).
Dau:    14 Feb 1848    Dorcas Elizabeth Springfield; Murray County, Georgia (The 1870 & 1880 Census records of Whitfield Co., Georgia,
            indicate that her year of birth was probably 1847.  Her tombstone records the birthdate as 14 Feb 1848).
Dau:    circa __ ___ 1852    Louisa Jane Johnson; Georgia.
Son:    circa __ ___ 1854    Robert Springfield; Georgia.

M    Thomas Springfield
Birth:    after __ ___ 1821

M    Langston Springfield
Birth:    after __ ___ 1821

M    Benjamin T. Springfield
Birth:    circa __ ___ 1824    Tennessee.

M    James H. Springfield
Birth:    __ ___ 1824    Tennessee.
Marriage:    7 Jun 1855    Sarah A. Bell (b. circa 1833,          ), daughter of (--?--) Bell; Whitfield County, Georgia.
Son:    circa __ ___ 1861    Aaron Springfield; Georgia.
Death:    circa __ ___ 1863     

M    Hugh Springfield Jr.
Birth:           9 Dec 1830    Tennessee.
Marriage:    __ ___ ____    Susan J. (--?--) (b. circa 1841,          )
Dau:    circa __ ___ 1872    Martha J. Springfield; Georgia.
Son:    31 Jan 1877    Hugh M. Springfield; Georgia.
Son:    circa    1879    Robert B. Springfield; Georgia.
Dau:    29 Jul 1881    Sue Agnes Springfield; Whitfield County, Georgia.
Death:         23 Mar 1883    Whitfield County, Georgia.

F    Mary A. Springfield
Birth:         circa    1832    Tennessee.

F    Martha Elizabeth Springfield
Birth:          circa    1835    Tennessee.
Marriage:    __ ___ ____.    Heart Bee

M    Robert Brown Springfield
Birth:          12 Nov 1838    Tunnel Hill, Whitfield County, Georgia.
Marriage:       circa    1858    Sarah (--?--)
Dau:    11 Apr 1859    Martha Annette Springfield; Georgia.
Son:    circa     1868    James H. Springfield; Georgia.
Son:     __ Apr 1870    Hugh Springfield; Tunnel Hill, Whitfield County, Georgia.
Dau:    __ May 1870    Sarah Springfield; Tunnel Hill, Whitfield County, Georgia.
Death:         13 Dec 1935    Greeley, Weld County, Colorado.

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