Photograph Colorization Projects
Charles C. Chaney

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Late in 2014 I thought I would try colorizing some old photographs.  The first efforts were okay if not great.  I was working with only one layer.  Once I learned how to use the layers capability of Photoshop Elements I found that the enjoyment of the projects increased.  Since that time, I am frequently colorizing photographs. Some attempts have not been as successful as I would prefer but many were.  Flesh tones and greenery (lawns, plants, trees...) are still a challenge, but I plod on.  My goal has never been to emulate Kodachrome nor Technicolor.  The quality of colorization varies based upon when they were done.

Additional photographs will be added when I can produce them.

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Historic Military Related

Photographs from the Library of Congress

My Family

Claude Chaney, Maudie Ruth Canady Chaney, Larry Dean, Robert Neale and Charles Claude.
A few friends and relatives make appearances.

familoy 1946
The Family 1946
Claude holding Larry Dean, Maudie Ruth with
Robert Neale and Charles Claude up front.

family c1951
The Family c1951
Claude and Maudie Ruth with the boys up front
Larry Dean, Robert Neale and Charles Claude.

Family 1970
The family at a Canady family reunion in 1970.

Mother Christmas 1955-6
Maudie Ruth Canady Chaney at home in Belton. 1956.

Larry Dean with Steve Melvin riding piggyback. Ronnie Newman. Susan Melvin.
The Melvins lived next door.

baby Bobby`
Robert Neale Chaney, Jr.

Dad Larry Neale 1948
Dad with Larry and Neale feeding the chickens on the farm just east of Cross Plains.  c1948.
Snowball, our Spitz dog (now called American Eskimo dog) is next to Dad.

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Updated 2 August 2017